We are a mobile fitness company that brings fitness to you. We come to your home, parks, office or any location where there’s room for a great workout. No need to go out and buy expensive equipment. We provide everything you will need including state-of-the-art equipment. We have all kinds of gadgets so that we can customize workouts from scratch just for your body type.

What makes us different?

When you have selected us to help you change your life, we show up in uniform, looking like a professional, letting you know there’s only one person exercising (you! as the client) and all of our attention/ focus will be placed solely on you. There will be homework that will be graded at the end or the beginning of each new session (the homework is our motivational tool that will provide feedback to yourself and the trainer assigned). We have earned the qualifications to be part of National Academy of Sports Medicine Performance Partnership which gives us the most updated science-based evidence on fitness education and in turn makes it more rewarding for you as a client. We are in a Partnership with US Fitness Products, which gives us the performance equipment you need to reach maximum levels when it comes to exercising.

Ahmad Pyett

Hello my name is Ahmad Pyett, I started weight training at the age of thirteen years old at the local YMCA where my father took my brother and I during the summers in Philadelphia . I have spent the last 27 years working my way up the ladder to better my career, started out as a personal trainer/ Head trainer and up the ladder to reach Fitness Director. In 2005 I started my own company in Philadelphia, PA and since then I opened up a second chapter in Charlotte, NC as a fresh start in a new city. I am in a partnership with US Fitness Products and a partnership with National Academy of Sports Medicine. My plan was achieved by a vision of bringing fitness to anyone that wanted to get in shape but lived a busy lifestyle. I have been published in Philly Fit Magazine.  We specialization in training males & females 40 years old and older. Our training style is unique, with results in as little as six weeks.

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